Ever since I studied film in college, photography and lighting have always been the way I have seen the world. 

I worked  in the lighting department on feature films and television series for several years. in the beginning of my career.  I had the opportunity to watch expert lighting designers and directors of photography at work.

During my casting career, I have seen my fair share of Headshots.

This experience has given me the eye and perspective to know what really impresses agents, managers, and casting directors.

For me, it just seemed natural to combine lighting with my work as a Casting Director and start doing Headshot Photography.  Being able to incorporate all of this into my profession has been a tremendous gift.

- Jen

Hair/Make-up (optional)
Men: $100     Women: $125
Boys/Girls (under 16 yrs old): $100

Gallery of all photos  (retouching not included)
Jen's Top Picks
Cost: $400

1 LOOK :  1 hour shoot
Gallery of all photos (retouching not included)
Jen's Top Picks
Cost: $250